Plate XXIII. Docidium. Freshwater Algae. 1884.

Man the Masterpiece. 1886.

The path of the Earth around the Sun. 1884.

An Oasis in the Sahara. 1887.

Smedley & Conklin Residences. Salt Lake City. 1887.

The garden of Utah, a succession of green, idyllic valleys. Salt Lake City lies in the center of the garden. 1913. (Original caption.)

Le vase de la guerre. Vase of war. Versailles. Published 1906.

Plate IV. Observations on a collection of Papuan crania. 1897. Describes a collection of incised and decorated skulls formerly displayed in the home of a chief as trophies of war.

The surface of a living Millepora nodosa, showing the expanded zooids of a single system. 1892.

North Platte River project. 1907.

A Glimpse of the Great Salt Lake. 1891.

Map. Great Salt Lake. 1891.

Fig. 7. A large box for keeping blankets. Tsimshian Mythology. Franz Boas. 1916.

Fig. 88. Hemisection of the head. 1882.

Manual of Surgical Bandages. 1859