Fig. 48. An X-Ray made in 1896, only a year after the process had been discovered. 

Spectre pointing. 1863.

Lunar surface. 1881.

Lunar surface: Sabine, Ritter, Arago craters by morning light. Johann Nepomuk Krieger. 1898.

Imaginary view from the surface of Saturn showing a couple of its rings in the sky. 

Swimming Lessons. 1846.

Marvels of the Sky. 


Gardell Dano Christensen. Rare Okapi. Magazine cover detail. 1937.


Fig. 86. 1891.

Pío del Río-Hortega (1882-1945). Published 1948.


Men’s open-air swimming bath, King’s Meadow, Reading, U.K. 1918

c. 1883